Consulting & Training

We help you identify, analyze and solve your problems

  • Prescriptive analytics to provide valuable recommendations
  • Graph Analysis, Simulation, and Event Processing
  • Heuristics, and Machine Learning techniques

  • We have a strong team dedicated to Energy consulting and related services.

  • We do on-site technical supports.
  • Our online technical support is a guarantee to each of our customers.

  • Data Science with Python, VBA, and R.
  • Online Data Profiling and Visualization Training
  • Factory Automation techniques Training
  • Academic collaboration to popularize science and technology through Africa
  • Business Process Automation Training
  • Web Design & Development Training
  • Software Development Training
  • Database Design and Optimization techniques Training
  • PLC Programming Training

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Our Technologies

We do Consulting & Training using or collaborating with some of the best technologies and brands in this field like: